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About Us

BCP Solutions is best in class Recruitment and Education Service in India, We Primarily Focus on Entry Level Job Aspirants who are looking to start their career in corporate, Manufacturing & Production, Quality  Control, Government Projects and promotional Events. We have a strong hand in recruitment and training services in sectors like Automobile, Banking, Healthcare, Education and Information Technology.

Our Services includes Talent Search, Career Counseling, Training & Development and Recruitment which helps Candidate having academic knowledge to get ready for the Right Job and get recruited at the Right Time. We try to reduce hassle which a candidate faces while searching for a job. Our Aim is to bridge the gap between the employer and the job aspirants by providing exact match of Skills and knowledge of job and Career Path.

We at BCP Solutions look to build a Strong relationship between our clients companies and the job aspirants. We have a Strong base of Clients which require a large number of Candidates in different domains. In last few years, we have helped shaping the career of more than 10,000 job aspirants  in various industry segments of Corporate, Manufacturing & Production, Quality Control, Government Projects and Promotional Events.

Our Mission is to provide quality service and giving a greater level of Satisfaction to our clients and job aspirants.  We believe in building trust which will help us drive our company to the next level and our connected people to achieve greater success in life. Our vision is to be the leader in the field of recruitment services for Entry Level Job Aspirants and providing right career path to the Aspirants.

We are proud to have a Strong and long lasting relationship in the industry which helps us to get continuous opportunities from our existing clients which gives us Chances to expand our services to brighten up the career of the people in our Nation.

After establishing in Recruitment, BCP Solutions are moving their concentration in another sector "Education".  Basically Recruitment is directly related  with the Education. So, There is a single platform "BCP Solutions" for getting both the services together. We have a good relationship with Distance Universities. ​

Distance learning is not a modern phenomenon. It actually dates back as far as 1728 when Caleb Phillips, a teacher in Boston, Massachusetts, offered shortland lessons to students via weekly mailed lessons. In the early 1840s, long before the advent of the Internet, Isaac Pitman, a British educator, also taught shorthand through correspondence courses. Distance learning and education have a long history, but its popularity increased a hundred fold as more advanced technology and communication mediums became available in the late twentieth century.

Distance education first took hold in the 1930s, with over 25 state boards of education, 200 schools systems and several colleges and universities offering educational programs broadcast over public radio. However it wasn't until the advent of the Internet in the early 2000s that the availability and popularity of distance learning programs skyrocketed. Computers and the internet made distance learning faster, easier and much more convenient. Today web-based, online education programs are available in most states in the US at the k12 level.

Mohammed Naved

Managing Director

M.B.A (HR & Marketing), B.Com, Computer Technical Diploma (Networking and Troubleshooting)

Having 10+ years of experience in Human Resource and Administrations in reputed Pan India Companies.

Hania Khan

Director -HR & Operations

M.B.A (HR & Marketing), B.C.A (PTU) 

Having 7+ years of experience in Human Resource and Education Counselling, Admission Consultant, University Coordinator etc.

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